Memory Foam Wedge Pillow – Bamboo Rayon / Microfiber


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Designed for comfort the Memory Foam Wedge Pillow conforms to the body’s natural curves and promotes relaxation. Made with bamboo rayon, microfiber and memory foam features innovative, built-in channels that allow for consistent air circulation– created with utility as well as leisure in mind. Constructed to maximize lumbar support, it makes reclining stress-free and soothing. Our wedge pillow is made from multiple layers of adaptive memory foam and is perfect for lounging in bed with a book or using as a laptop rest to ease neck strain. The unique wedge shape helps soothe back tension and joint pressure for enhanced well-being and restful sleep.

Memory Foam Wedge Pillow

Material: 40% Rayon from Bamboo and 60% adaptive Microfiber
Fill Material: Memory Foam
Dimensions: Pillow measures up to 24 x 24 x 12 inches when fully expanded
Healthy Sleep: This pillow molds and aligns to any sleeping style, promotes increased circulation, relieves joint pressure and eases sleep apnea for healthy rest.
Features: 2-layer foam design for firmness and support, zipper closure, removable and machine washable cover.

STYLE: Experience optimal comfort when you read or watch television without straining your neck or back with this essential sleep accessory. Features two-layer design one inch memory foam for soft comfort and a base of polyurethane foam for firmness.

SIZE: This high-quality, hypoallergenic wedge pillow measures 25″ x 24″ x 12″ and comes with a removable, zippered cover made from 60% microfiber and 40% rayon from bamboo, ensuring smoothness and a cool feel at the same time.

GOOD TO KNOW: Memory foam is safe, non-toxic, moldable and has built-in channels for air circulation. Wedge pillow provides optimal sleep comfort for your head and neck, relaxing your body. Use it at an apt angle to reduce muscle tension and swelling.

IDEAL FOR BED REST: Sleep wedge pillows are ideal for those on bed rest as well as those who suffer from acid reflux or difficulty breathing.

EASY CARE: Only the removable zippered cover (not the pillow) is machine washable on a gentle, cold cycle. Use a mild solvent only and tumble dry low. No ironing necessary. Comes rolled in a vacuum bag. May take up to 24 hours to expands up to 12 inches.

Read Comfortably
Made from multiple layers of adaptive memory foam and firm supportive polyurethane foam, our wedge pillow is perfect for reading upright in bed or for making an old sofa more comfortable.

Rest Peacefully
Our wedge-shaped pillow measures 12 inches thick at its base to provide superior support. Perfect for relieving pressure from your back and hips, helping swollen ankles and reducing discomfort from acid reflux and heartburn.

Sleep Soundly
This pillow’s Rayon from Bamboo and Microfiber cover is breathable and washable. Our innovative built-in channels in the foam provide air circulation to help your pillow stay cool throughout the night.


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Memory Foam Wedge Pillow White
Memory Foam Wedge Pillow – Bamboo Rayon / Microfiber

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