Welcome to Lofty Styles!

If you hold honesty and quality in products and services in high regard, then you are just in the right place!

Know that our ambition is to re-shape the way people shop online, making them feel like they’re shopping at their neighborhood store right next door. Expect top-notch home products and prompt, friendly service with courtesy.

Don’t believe us? We are here.. Give us a try!

Who We Are

Lofty Styles is the collective effort of a small group of young people.
Relatives by blood and relatives by choice, we like to present ourselves as a family business.

After working for several companies of all sizes, each one of us in various sectors, from construction to warehousing, and from sales and customer service in both wholesale and retail to hospitality, we started feeling we could offer so much more on our own and in a better way.

With our accumulated experiences and this shared desire, we came together and the idea of Lofty Styles was born. It all started back in 2015, as a side project initially, alongside our main jobs, and through hard work we managed to bring this webstore to life in early 2020.

Our Commitment

What we expressed in our welcome message is not just light-hearted words. Being customers ourselves, we know sincerity brings credibility. And a good name is the best currency. So we can promise you that..

We will always do everything in our hand to meet and exceed your expectations,
so that you will always bring us in mind first when it comes to shopping your home essentials online.

Nothing short of excellent will do.
For us quality and fair value are far more important than low prices and a quick profit.
We prefer having a smaller range of stylish and comfortable products that are made with top-class materials to withstand everyday use.

We want to build relationships in trust, so that you can feel confident when shopping with us.
We are open to and rely upon your feedback and suggestions, in finding ways to improve our services. You can drop us a message anytime, even to just say hi!

We will continue our search for suppliers who share our values, and we’ll be adding more quality products to offer you more choices!