This 2-tier iron plant stand features three slatted platforms and an alluring hourglass shape with curling iron embellishments crawling up the center. The two lower platforms hold smaller pots of up to 8 inches, while the top center platform can hold your proudest plant with a pot of 11 inches maximum.

2-Level Iron Plant Stand

Hourglass Shaped
Swirled Iron Design
Slatted Pot Bases
Holds 3 Pots / Planters

Material: Iron
Dimensions: 22.2 x 11.8 x 26.8 inches tall
Lower Pot Bases measure 8.25 inches in diameter
Top Pot Base measures 11.6 inches in diameter


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2-Level Iron Plant Stand for 3 Flower Pots

Display your blooming beauties on this 2-Level Iron Plant Stand that’s just as lovely as they are! Featuring a graceful hourglass shape with swirled iron decoration, the plant stand has three platforms for 8 to 11-inch pots.

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2-Level Iron Plant Stand for 3 Pots
2-Level Iron Plant Stand for 3 Flower Pots


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